Fantastic Friday Track: The Kinks

From ArapahoeBethW:

This week's Friday track comes straight out of the British Invasion. “'Till the End of the Day” is an infectious, up-beat stomper. Its rebellious flare makes it a perfect track to shake up your day. Rumor has it, Ray Davies wrote “'Till the End of the Day” during a time when he was experiencing personal difficulties. Perhaps that’s what makes it such a great pick-me-up.

If you are a loyal fan of The Kinks, like me, you still can’t fathom how they played the underdog in the British Invasion. Their songs weren’t solely for head bopping and hip shaking, but filled with smart lyrics on social, environmental and economical criticism. And let’s not forget satire, these boys were sharp and funny. In their early years they had a reputation for “onstage rowdiness” leading The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists to ban The Kinks from performing in the United States until 1969. Thus in 1965 “'Till the End of the Day” may have only made it to #50 in the US Charts, but it held a steady #8 in the UK for 12 weeks.

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Who was your favorite band from the British Invasion?

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