Take a Look

Being aware that print is everywhere doesn't happen overnight, but there are fun ways to help your child recognize the impact of text on their lives.

The next time you read a book, point out the cover, title, spine and title page. Discuss the differences between the role of authors and illustrators. Point to words as you read. Draw your child's attention to punctuation and page numbers.

Picture books often use font size to show whether a word is loud or quiet. They may contain speech bubbles to demonstrate that someone is talking. Seek out hidden words in the pictures.

Nonfiction books have a wealth of talking points, too. The table of contents, the index, glossary and bibliography are features of nonfiction that we often overlook, but are necessary for children to know about.

Most importantly, have fun with this! The more fun you have, the more your child will be motivated to find letters and words in places they never thought of before!