Hot Books for Your Book Club!

Looking for new titles for your group to discuss? You might try some of these:

Enjoy a retelling of a classic? Check out Nelly Dean: A Return to Wuthering Heights by Alison Case. A character from the pages of the classic book, Nelly was first raised as a family member but then became a servant at the estate called Wuthering Heights. Nelly tells the unfolding drama of Heathcliff, Cathy and Hindley from her unique vantage point. You might decide to go back and read Wuthering Heights itself. And some of you may decide you like Nelly's story even better than the original.

Looking for fresh non-fiction? Try Lab Girl by Hope Jahren. The author is a scientist who has built three laboratories to study trees, flowers, seeds and soil. This, Jahren's first book, is an accessible, beautiful study of plant life, but so much more. Central to her story is her relationship with Bill, a wounded man, her lab partner and best friend. Readers will enjoy their many adventures around the world, as you get to know the story of a couple of unique scientists.

Every group needs a lighthearted read now and then, and Be Frank With Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson is it! Mimi Banning published a still popular best seller several years ago, but is running out of money. Attempting to help Mimi write another bestseller, her publisher sends Alice Whitley to be a companion to Mimi's very eccentric nine year old son, Frank, the only nine year old with a wardrobe from the 1930's. Alice enjoys many Hollywood moments while guiding her lonely charge. Is Mimi writing behind those closed doors? Fun, frothy, and full of heart!