Staying Home With Children: Get Your Creativity On

Are you and your kids getting a little (or very) stir-crazy? Here are some ideas for keeping busy:

Engage Their Minds

  • See our lists of activities, opens a new window and learning ideas , opens a new windowfor children ages 0 to 5.
  • Coloring book pages from Every Child a Reader., opens a new window
  • Stimola Life, opens a new window streams drawing videos every day from authors and illustrators.
  • The Spanish Experiment, opens a new window has children's stories in English and Spanish.
  • Ideas from real moms:
    • Car wash! All that's needed is a bowl of water, shaving cream (or soap) and a cookie sheet.
    • Have an old bag of balloons from a party long ago? Blow them all up and have a balloon party!
    • A plastic bin filled with shredded paper, popcorn kernels, sand, water beads, etc. Bonus: hide toys for them to find.
    • Add food coloring to water and voila! Watercolor paints.
    • Tape toilet paper or paper towel rolls to the wall and let them put their toys through the tubes.
    • Drive past construction sites in your city.
    • Look at pictures of babies. Find friends in your social media feeds who have children, too. Babies love looking at other babies!
    • Let them "help" fold laundry. Not much actual folding will get done, but they'll have fun.
    • Baths. My friend always says, "When in doubt, add water."
    • Damp towel + many surfaces = a busy toddler.
    • Grab a colander and thread pipe cleaners, yarn or ribbon through the holes.

Engage Their Bodies

Travel Through Time and Space

Get Some You Time (Screen Time)

Let's face it, there will probably be screentime involved. IT'S OKAY TO USE SCREENS TO TAKE A BREAK. Just like on airplanes, you need to make sure you're taken care of before you can care for others.

Remember, we're all in this together and there's no judgment! You do you, parents.