LinkedIn Learning for Job Seekers

Unemployment and underemployment affect millions of workers. The last few years have seen unprecedented numbers of workers searching for new jobs and starting new careers.

Why LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning can help facilitate acquisition of new skills for workers searching for a new career, or brushing up their resume to move forward in their current career.

LinkedIn Learning, opens a new window provides online training in a variety of areas, including business, opens a new window, creative, opens a new window and technology, opens a new window. Their on-demand library features many different topics for you to choose from, plus more in-depth Learning Paths. Learning Paths can guide your progress through a topic via collections of sequenced classes, including different types of software relevant to your career. 

It's easy to get started! If you have an Arapahoe Libraries card, you'll just need to create a LinkedIn Learning login. If you don't have a card, you can sign up for a card today. With your Arapahoe Libraries card, you'll have access to all of the LinkedIn Learning, opens a new window classes, tools and knowledge.

Here are two recommended learning paths, but the possibilities are endless.

Become a Business Analyst, opens a new window

Includes 22 hours 57 minutes of content, with 16 classes, to help you develop basic business analyst skills required for this role, demonstrate technical skills to execute effectively, and build leadership and communication skills to excel and advance.

Sample classes include:

Business Analysis Foundations, opens a new window
Instructor: Greta Blash
Developed: May 2019

Learn the foundations of business analysis. Explore the role of the business analyst and the BA process, from conducting a needs assessment to release planning.

Business Analysis Foundations: Business Process Modeling, opens a new window
Instructor: Haydn Thomas
Updated:  Jun 2020

Explore the benefits of using business process modeling to make sense of your company's business activities, including commonly used process modeling diagrams and how to use them.

Getting Started as a Java Programmer

Includes 19 hours 13 minutes of content, with 10 classes, to help you learn the fundamentals of programming with Java, discover solutions to common Java programming challenges and build mobile, desktop, and web applications with Java.

Sample Classes Include:

Java Essential Training:  Syntax and Structure
Instructor: Angie Jones

Developed: March 2022

Learn how to program with the most recent release:  Java 17.

Java Essential Training:  Objects and APIs
Instructor: Angie Jones

Developed: May 2022

Learn the fundamentals of objects and APIs.

Need Help? 

If you have questions or need assistance with LinkedIn Learning or any other job resources, just ask!  Submit an Ask a Librarian, opens a new window request, and we'll schedule a 30-minute appointment.