Little Women Character Picks

The iconic characters of Little Women each bring a strong individual take on the world, so imagine how they might bring these same personalities into modern times. If you're curious about these women's approaches to the world today, take a look below at what they might read, watch or listen to next.

Margaret "Meg" March

As the oldest, Meg is on the more responsible side and takes to mothering her sisters quite often. She has a weakness for the luxuries in life and takes her leisure time seriously.

Read Crazy Rich Asians, Meg would like this love story that has a main character facing similar problems of finding happiness through obstacles of wealth and class.

Watch 20th Century Women, A movie about women working together to help raise a family would be right up Meg's alley.

Listen Lindsey Stirling, Meg would appreciate the classic but upbeat sounds of violin from this talented female artist.

Josephine "Jo" March

Jo is the rebel of the family and packs a fiery temper. She is strong-willed, a tomboy and can be mighty stubborn.

Read The Moment of Lift, Jo would like the message of empowering women and supporting one another found throughout this true story.

WatchLady Bird, Jo would approve of the main character's strong independence and wanting to strike out into the world on their own.

Listen -  Lady Gaga: Born This Way, Jo would agree with this album's messages of empowerment and appreciating our individual selves.

Elizabeth "Beth" March

Beth is shy, sweet and gentle. She acts as the family mediator, only wanting peace between her sisters, and is a homebody.

Read How to Be A Good Creature, Beth, an animal lover herself, would like these animal stories about empathizing with one another.

Watch Sing Street, A coming-of-age, uplifting story that Beth would enjoy. She would identify with the main character who also tries to use music as a way to connect with others.

Listen - Regina Spektor: What We Saw From the Cheap Seats, is an album filled with soft mellow beats to pop-y hits all accompanied by piano, Beth's instrument of choice.

Amy Curtis March

Amy is the baby of the family and the most artistic of the sisters. She thinks of herself as a proper lady and can be a bit vain at times.

ReadPolish your Poise With Madame Chic, Amy would approve of this modern advice on such things as proper attire, good communication and how to tackle social events.

WatchThe Devil Wears Prada, Amy would favor this movie for the fantastic fashion and glamour of New York City.

Listen - Taylor Swift: Lover, Amy would be a fan of Taylor's super stardom and upbeat style in this latest album.

Margaret "Marmee" March

Marmee manages a chaotic but loving household of girls while her husband is away at war. Through her guidance, her daughters discover their individuality, goals and paths in life.

Read Dear Ijeawele, Or, A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions, Marmee would enjoy this book about feminism and women in modern society.

WatchCold Mountain, Marmee would find comfort watching an independent woman struggle, but thrive, during the American Civil War.

Listen - Sabrina Claudio: About Time, is an album with peaceful and smooth beats and strong vocals that Marmee would enjoy listening to before bed.

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