Down the Rabbit Hole

You may know Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, or better yet, his pen name Lewis Carroll, as the creator of the imaginative and very strange world of Wonderland, born January 27, 1832. He is the man who taught us how to catch the ferocious Jabberwock and how to enjoy tea with a few mad fellows. To explore his world, that won't get our heads chopped off that is, let's journey down the rabbit hole with some inspiring reads based on his famous story Alice's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and its sequel Through the Looking-glass.

Through the Looking Glass

Books about the real story behind the creation of Alice in Wonderland.

The Alice Behind Wonderland delves into the real life inspiration, a young girl named Alice Liddell, through Carroll's writing, diary entries and his artistic photography.

Alice I Have Been blends fact and fiction into this historical literary mystery.

Books that'll make you mad as a hatter

Book adaptations inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

The Looking Glass Wars reimagines Alice as a princess sent to our world after running from her Aunt Redd. This is the first book in a trilogy.

After Alice takes a new spin on the classic tale when Alice's neighbor Ada tumbles down the rabbit hole in search of Alice.

Heartless is a prequel young adult novel that imagines the Queen of Hearts' story.

Queen of Hearts is the first book in a series that features the Queen of Heart's story with a dark fantasy twist.

Alice in Zombieland is a darker horror adaptation of Alice in Wonderland with more appetite for brains.

Splintered is a continuation of Alice's story where her daughter must break an ancient curse, requiring her to go back to Wonderland.

Graphic novels that will have you thinking a raven is like a writing desk

Graphic novel adaptations inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Sunderland takes place in Sunderland and explores connections to Carroll's Wonderland.

Namesake is a young adult graphic novel with fairy tale adventures based on settings and characters from Alice in Wonderland and other fairy tales.

Movies to give you a Cheshire grin

Film and series adaptations inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland is Disney's spin in this animated and musical version released in 1951.

Alice in Wonderland is Disney's live action film released in 2010 and followed up by the sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016).

Jabberwocky is a British comedy based on a poem Through the Looking-Glass, and it's perfect for fans of Terry Gilliam.

Eternal Alice is an anime inspired by the classic story.

Malice in Wonderland is a quirky indie film set in the modern day. Alice finds herself lost far from home and needs the help of some Wonderland inspired characters.

Alice in Wonderland is the 1966 BBC adaptation of the classic tale.

Come Away is a film blending characters from Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland into a uniquely imaginative origin story.

Curiouser and curiouser about more film inspirations

These films and series are more loosely based on Alice in Wonderland themes. Whisked away to a magical and strange world and encountering whimsical characters and themes.


Pan's labyrinth

The Matrix

Resident Evil


Big Fish

Sucker Punch

The Cat Returns

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

The Chronicles of Narnia


Spirited Away