Big and Little

Your only child has turned into a big sibling overnight and that's a big adjustment for everyone! If your oldest expresses interest in helping, here are some ways to get them involved.

  • Sing!
  • Assistant Manager
    • Children love to be helpers and would love the opportunity to be counted on for an important job. Ask your oldest if they'd like to entertain during a diaper change, pick out baby's outfit, burp at feeding time or help wash bottles or pumping equipment. From KidsHealth, opens a new window.
  • Picture This
  • Host with the Most
    • You'll probably have a lot of visitors in the first few months. Your firstborn can be the greeter and introduce guests to their little sibling. From Parents, opens a new window.
  • Read!
    • Before and after your new baby arrives, read books about being a big sibling, opens a new window. Talk about what's similar to their experience and what's different. Be silly about it, too! "This big brother is a dinosaur. Are you a dinosaur?"

BabyCenter, opens a new window reminds us that not every new sibling will want to help out, and that's totally normal. Allow them to do their own thing and be sure to spend some one-on-one time with them, too.

What activities for new siblings worked for you? Let us know in the comments!