Mermaid Tales

Some kids want to grow up to be a ballerina and never take off their fluffy pink tutu. Some put "pony" on every Christmas wish list they write. Others spend long hours dreaming of life under the sea as an endlessly graceful mermaid. (Some do all three—we know who we are!)

NOAA may deny the existence of mermaids, opens a new window, but for all of you still holding out for a tail, here's a list of tales to tide you over.

The film that launched a million mermaid fans. I may or may not have watched this every day after school for months. I may or may not have been 16. 

Now all grown up on Blu-ray!

The Little Mermaid

Sure, you've listened to "Part of Your World" a thousand times, but have you heard the Broadway cast recording? Instantly streamed it the moment you found it? I thought not.

Disney's The Little Mermaid

If you've ever wondered what Ariel might be like if she was indeed "part of our world," give a listen to this comedy piece "Why I Broke Up With the Little Mermaid, opens a new window."

For anyone who obsesses over Disney princesses or beautiful art, this is the best of both worlds. These stunning drawings and digital creations will leave you breathless and take your love of princesses to the next level.

The Art of the Disney Princess

For all those little girls who dream of taking a dip in a swimming pool only to magically transform into a mermaid—this book is for you! Basically, Harry Potter for mermaid fans.

The Tail of Emily Windsnap

You know Jan Brett for The Hat and The Mitten, but have you seen her turn her detailed depictions to the world of mermaids? Exquisite.

The Mermaid

One day I will make it to Coney Island's Mermaid Parade, opens a new window, until then, this:

Mermaids on Parade

Have you shared the PG-glory of this classic film with the little mermaid-lover in your life? Also check out this story on real mermaids and merman who refuse to be tamed, opens a new window.


For when you're ready to move on to a more fierce Disney mermaid.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow's encounter with mermaids may deserve as much credit as John Smith's murky account, opens a new window.

If you're ready to take your love of mermaids on the road, consider a visit to Denmark, the home of the Hans Christian Andersen, opens a new window and the world-famous Little Mermaid statue, opens a new window.


And when you're ready to come back to the real world and do some good, check out this documentary on the real inspiration for mermaids.

Endangered Mermaids: The Manatees of Florida