Movie News: Remembering Bernardo Bertolucci

Sad news, one of the great Italian filmmakers, Bernardo Bertolucci, passed away at the age of 77 on November 26, 2018. His most well-known work Last Tango in Paris starred Maria Schneider and Marlon Brando as lovers in an unconventional tryst. It garnered quite a few awards in 1974, including two Oscars nods for Best Director and Best Actor. The film continues to live on as one of the great and transgressive films of our time. 

Bertolucci explored human passion and connection often with an unconventional lens. Some of his other great works include: Stealing Beauty (1996), The Conformist (1970), and The Last Emperor (1987) among many more. The Last Emperor went on to win 9 Academy Awards in 1988, including Best Picture.

To find out more about Bertolucci and his films, read this article from The Guardian, opens a new window.

If you want to dive head-first into his classic works, start with Last Tango in Paris then move on to another great film of Bertolucci's set in Italy during Fascism—check out The Conformist on our film streaming service Kanopy.