October is National Women’s Small Business Month

Did you know that until 1988 in some states women needed a male relative to cosign business loans? 

Well times have changed. Since the Women's Business Ownership Act, opens a new window was passed by Congress to eliminate such laws and create support programs, women have been taking the business world by storm. That is why, each October, the National Women's Business Council, opens a new window celebrates this milestone legislation and honors the hard work of women across the country through National Women's Small Business Month.

In the past 30 years the number of woman-owned businesses in the United States has soared to nearly 13 million. In fact, according to the 2019 State of Woman-Owned Businesses Report, opens a new window, women are starting businesses at a rate double the national average, with women of color comprising the majority, making them the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. However, with lingering disparities in revenue, there is still work to be done to empower these emerging entrepreneurs.

Get involved and check out these awesome local organizations supporting women in small business.

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