Networking from Home: You Can Survive It!

Networking - the very words strike fear in many of us. The good news: with WFH (work from home) becoming more and more commonplace, networking can actually be easier and more comfortable for the more introverted among us.

While networking from home can seem a daunting prospect, there are some very distinct advantages for both networking groups and conference opportunities.

  • You don't have to spend time driving to various networking locations.
    • One of the biggest complaints about networking is the time it takes to drive to a location, potentially find parking, attend the event, and then complete the journey in reverse.
    • When networking online, you can potentially save hours of time, which you can then utilize for other aspects of your job search.
  • It's cheaper!
    • Whether it's a stand alone networking event or a conference based on your career field of choice, attending an event remotely is almost always cheaper than attending in person.
    • No transportation or lodging costs!
  • You may have opportunities to meet a wider range of people.
    • Remote networking events and conferences are more accessible. You may end up meeting people from other states and other countries.  
    • These connections can be valuable when looking for a job outside your current community.
  • At larger events you will have opportunities to attend a variety of sessions.
    • At in-person conferences, you attend a session and if isn't interesting or relevant to you, it's challenging to move to a different session. Online, you simply click on a link for a new session and join in.
    • Geographically, it can be challenging to get from one session to the next. Online, it's as simple as clicking a new link!
  • Breakout rooms are genius
    • Ever end up at a table at a conference/networking event and find that the topic isn't relevant to you/no one is talking/it's just uncomfortable? Breakout rooms allow you to move about freely and potentially meet a larger variety of connections.
    • The purpose of networking is to make connections. You won't accomplish this by spending your time with one person or group. Online breakout rooms allow you to drop in and out at will.

Give networking a chance, and make those new connections to move your career forward!