Play with Your Books

Let's hear from Melissa, our storytime supervisor!

When you come home with your library books, before you tuck away your book bag, take a little time to talk about your new finds and enjoy the beautiful covers!

Take the picture books out of your bag and lay them face up on the floor or a table. Read each title and author. Do the titles remind you of other books you've read? Do you remember what other books the author or illustrator has created?

Look at each cover. Can you organize your books in different ways? Maybe you can put all the books with animals on the cover together, or all the non-fiction books together, or all the books you've already read together. Can you match by color? Or put them in a row by size?

Or check out this Book Parade idea from Teach Mama, opens a new window!

When children make their own personal connections to books, they become more motivated to read them. And the more books you read to your children, the more they will be motivated to become readers themselves!