Podcast Pairings: Nonfiction

Like podcasts and reading? Check out these nonfiction recommendations to go along with popular podcasts.

Like The Habitat, opens a new window? Read Packing for Mars, which answers questions like, "What if you vomit in your helmet during a space walk?" Check out science and nature recommendations.

Like Who the Hell is Hamish, opens a new window? Read Duped, a true story of false identities and almost marrying a con man. Check out more true crime recommendations.

Like Gastropod, opens a new window? Read Cooked to learn about how the four elements—earth, wind, air and fire—makes your food taste great. Check out food and cooking recommendations.

Like Dr. Death, opens a new window? Read The Good Nurse, the true story of a nurse dubbed "The Angel of Death," who was implicated in as many as 300 murders.

Like Sawbones, opens a new window? Read Quackery, all about absolutely terrible ways to cure ailments and diseases.

Like RadioLab, opens a new window? Read The Man Who Mistook His Wife for A Hat and Other Clinical Tales to dive into a strange and fascinating world.

Like Dirty John, opens a new window? Read Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows by Christopher Goffard, who did the original investigative reporting.

Like Hardcore History, opens a new window? Read A History of the World in 100 Objects. Check out history recommendations.

Like Planet Money, opens a new window? Read Rich Dad Poor Dad to help you become financially literate. Check out business books.

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