Ready, Steady, Kindergarten: Learning at Home

When you're home with your young children, how can you keep them learning and growing and getting ready for Kindergarten? 

First of all, take a deep breath, and don’t worry about creating a lesson plan! Young children learn best through play and positive relationships with those who love and care for them, so if you’re reading together, having conversations, playing together and taking time to get outside, you’re doing just fine! Allie at No Time for Flash Cards has this great post on how to get your child ready for Kindergarten and it includes many of the things you’re already doing., opens a new window 

If your child thrives on a schedule and you’d like ideas for how to create one, here are some schedule ideas:

If you're looking for simple learning activities and lessons that can be done from home, here are some great ideas: 

Remember that kids learn best through interaction with people and their environment. Encourage conversation, spark curiosity, and don't forget that every moment is a learning opportunity.