Resources for Basic Adult Literacy

About 10 percent of Colorado adults read below high school level. Use these resources to learn and practice reading and teach others. 

Reading activities on GCFLearnFree, opens a new window
These modules include learning letters and phonics, building vocabulary and exploring texts.

Reading Skills for Today Adults, opens a new window
Use leveled readers on this website to practice phonics and reading short texts on adult topics. 

BC Reads Textbooks, opens a new window
Use these free, open source textbooks to learn to read.

Leveled readers for adults
Ready to start with stories? Check out these leveled books from Arapahoe Libraries. 

Play Packs for adults
Listen to interesting stories and read along! Each pack includes a book and an audio player. 

Ready to explore longer stories?

In this list, we recommend engaging books from a variety of genre and provide the Lexile® score for each of them to help you decide if you are ready.

Beginner to Advanced - Fun reads for adult learners

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Lexile Find a Book, opens a new window

Want to check on the Lexile® score of a new release? Use this tool to search and find books for your reading level.