Screenprinting at the Castlewood Makerspace

Screen-printing at the Makerspace

Ever wanted to make your own t-shirt and clothing designs? Get to know the Screen-printing station located within the Castlewood Makerspace to see what it’s about and even schedule a time to come print a design. To learn more about the tools involved in screen-printing, check out this informational screen-printing handout, opens a new window. 

What is Screen-printing?

Screen-printing is a printing process where a screen with a stencil in it is used to transfer ink onto a material. A common example of a screen-printed item is graphic t-shirts.

How does it work? 

The short answer is you create a stencil in a screen using emulsion. The emulsion blocks ink from transferring through the screen except where the design is, allowing you to transfer your design onto a variety of materials. We have a small selection of items available to print on when learning the setup and we provide all of the tools and equipment needed. Ink is provided in small amounts but patrons will need to provide their own for larger jobs. Patrons will always need to provide the material they wish to print on.

To learn more about the full process behind this, check out this screen-printing step by step guide, opens a new window based on a recent screen printing project.


What does it look like?

Screen-printing can produce a variety of results on a variety of materials, most commonly used on fabrics or paper. Here are some examples all made with the Makerspace's set up printed on tote bags:
















How do I get started?

The screen-printing station at the Castlewood Makerspace has three different ways you can use our equipment:

  1. Use our pre made screens to print on anything you want, simply bring in your materials and we will help you print on them.
  2. If you have a design you want to make, the Creative Specialist team can help you create the screen to make your very own custom prints.
  3. Get certified on the screen-printing station to learn and do the entire process of screen-printing from start to finish.

Ready to try screen-printing? Head over to our Makerspace page to request an appointment today!