Spaghetti Films

Celebrate National Spaghetti Day every January 4 with these films that serve you scenes that feature spaghetti. Hungry yet?


Lady and the Tramp Who can forget the iconic spaghetti slurping scene between pretty cocker spaniel Lady and her paramour, the mongrel dog Tramp?

The Apartment Remember when Bud (Jack Lemmon) strains spaghetti through a tennis racket? Very clever! 

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs A spaghetti tornado! Enough said.

Se7en A murder victim is found face down in a bowl of spaghetti.

Eat Pray Love Julia Roberts indulges in a perfect plate of spaghetti in Italy (where else?).

Brooklyn Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) meets her beau's Italian parents and must not get spaghetti sauce on her dress in order to impress.

A Night at the Opera The Three Stooges, always hungry, sit down at the table with a humongous bowl of spaghetti.


Elf It's not the red sauce spaghetti that Buddy (Will Ferrell) eats but rather a breakfast of sugary things like M&Ms, marshmallows, Pop Tarts and maple syrup piled on spaghetti. 


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