Spider-Man Quiz!

Are you a fan of the Spider-Man movies? Think you know them all? Use your spidey-sense and try for a perfect score on this fun quiz!

Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man had to face which villains?
Which Spider-Man said this? "Look at little Goblin Jr. Gonna cry?"
Which Spider-Man says this? "No one seems to grasp the concept of the mask."
Which Spider-Man says this? "If I implant eggs in any of you, I'm sorry."
Which Spider-Man says this? "I missed the part where that's my problem"
Which Spider-Man says this? "That was not me. The news said that was the Night Monkey. That's what it said on the news. And the news never lies."
Which Spider-Man says this? Aunt May: Why is your face dirty? Peter: I was cleaning the chimney Aunt May: We have no chimney. Peter: Whaaaaaaaaaaaattt?!?
Which character is mentioned in all of the Spider-Man movies?
Which Spider-Man was too late to save his girlfriend and watched her do a Splatasha Romanoff at the bottom of a clock tower?
And finally, who is the best Spider-Man?
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