Spring 2019 Cookbooks

Who's hungry? Place one of these cookbooks on hold today and get ready to fill up your belly.


Simple Cake, opens a new window is an uncomplicated nostalgic look at cakes. Perfect Pan Pizza, opens a new window teaches you that you don't need specialty equipment to make pizza (you're using an oven so this totally counts as baking). The New Pie, opens a new window, authored by the winners in the National Pie Championship, will level up your pies. Bakers know that Happiness Is Baking, opens a new window.


If you don't want to keep mixing all the drinks but you want your guests to stay refreshed, try Batch Cocktails: Make-ahead Pitcher Drinks for Every Occasion, opens a new window. If you want recipes, decor and party themes, you want to borrow Life Is a Party, opens a new window.


Franklin Barbeque in Austin, TX, has a cookbook all about buying, preparing and cooking the perfect Franklin Steak, opens a new window. If you want to learn how to add a whiff of smoke to your food with a wood pellet grill smoker, check out this Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook, opens a new window. Grill master Steven Raichlen's cookbook The Brisket Chronicles, opens a new window teaches you everything you need to know about brisket.


Vietnamese Food Any Day, opens a new window is filled with quick Vietnamese recipes. Indian-ish, opens a new window combines Indian-American food into delicious fusion recipes, and you can make Indian food in your Instant Pot in Madhu Jaffrey's Instantly Indian Cookbook, opens a new window. If you're hungry for the flavors of Mexico, borrow My Mexico City Kitchen, opens a new window. Flip through Zaitoun, opens a new window to discover Palestinian recipes and more.


If you favor a laid-back cooking style and simplified grocery shopping, borrow Where Cooking Begins, opens a new window. If you like a little bit of history with your meal, borrow The 100 Most Jewish Foods, opens a new window. Those pressed for time in the kitchen may like The Nimble Cook, opens a new window. If you want to transform iconic dishes into vegan dishes, make them easier, or make them for company, try Dinner for Everyone, opens a new window. Healthier Together, opens a new window shows you how to cook for two and bond over food. And if you dream of a frontier life but still want modern conveniences, look up The Food in Jars Kitchen, opens a new window and The Prairie Homestead Cookbook, opens a new window


Mostly Plants, opens a new window by the Pollan family is all about Flexitarian recipes that help you shift toward less meat and more greens. Change up your vegetarian and vegan recipes with Vegetarian's Dinner in the Oven, opens a new window. Nourishing recipes abound from the popular wellness retreat in The Kripalu Kitchen, opens a new window.

Don't forget to see what cookbooks have been recently ordered and tell us your favorite thing to cook in the comment below. Happy cooking!