“…struggles from below.”

"Changes and progress very rarely are gifts from above. They come out of struggles from below." - Noam Chomsky

“The more you can increase fear of drugs, crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all of the people.” - Noam Chomsky

Who is Noam Chomsky?

Noam Chomsky has been called an international treasure, a bona fide unadulterated intellectual genius, and the most important intellectual alive. All true. He is also an American linguist, historian, social critic and political activist, and the author of over 100 books. I recommend each one.

Library Resources

The following is a list of works to get you started. 

Chronicles of Dissent

The Precipice

Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal

Consequences of Capitalism

Propaganda and the Public Mind

Optimism over Despair

Making the Future

What Kind of Creatures Are We?

Necessary Illusions

Requiem for the American Dream

On Palestine

How the World Works

Manufacturing Consent