The Worst Dads from TV and Film

Alright, we know your dad is great, but there are some pretty terrible fathers out there, especially in film and TV. For a twist this Father's Day, why not spend the day with your own terrific father watching some of these not-so-hot dads guaranteed to make your pop feel like he's doing it right.

Homer Simpson

So we know Homer tries to be a good father. At least sometimes he tries. He's trying when he's not knocking back beers at Moe's, losing his job or gambling away the family's Christmas money...oh, who are we kidding? Homer is a terrible father. Think of the many times he's strangled Bart. Like dozens of times. Seriously, the internet has counted. For that Homer takes the top spot on our list of worst dads.

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The Simpsons

Tywin Lannister

The highlight of Tywin's reign as worst father came in season 4 when he sentenced his son Tyrion to death for a crime he knew he didn't commit. Then to top it off, Tywin had a tyrst with the woman Tyrion loved. Not exactly father-of-the-year material, but that's okay, Tyrion had something other than an award in mind for dear old dad. 

Game of Thrones

Darth Vader

Vader just wants his son Luke to follow in his footsteps and take over the family business. Unfortunately it's the business of the dark side and oppressing the entire galaxy. Not cool, Dad. Not cool.

Star Wars

Frank Gallagher

Frank has some pretty big issues to overcome before he could be considered a good dad: he's a drunk, a liar, he scams the government, is abusive both verbally and physically, and has poor hygiene. The only thing he has going for him is he's really entertaining to watch. Probably because he's not our dad.


Jack Torrance

Jack's just your average dad, combining work and a family vacation at a remote, snow-bound hotel. But all work and no play make Jack a really, really bad father. Because, *spoiler*, REDRUM = murder.

The Shining

Frank Reynolds

Frank would much rather be one of the gang than a father figure. That's why you'll catch him masterminding ridiculous criminal hijinks with his kids rather than, say, taking them to a ball game.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Harry Wormwood

Actor Danny DeVito makes the list twice, this time portraying the neglectful father of lovable and genius Matilda. Harry insists that Matilda stop reading and watch more TV. Well you can guess what those of us at the library have to say about that—father FAIL!


Dr. Evil

In the second Austin Powers film we discover that while Dr. Evil was cryogenically frozen, his son Scott was artificially created in a lab. Dr. Evil and Scott never see eye-to-eye, with Dr. Evil telling Scott on the Jerry Springer Show that he's "not quite evil enough." I think we can all agree that those are words no child should ever have to hear from their father.

Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery

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