Tips on Saving Photos From Your Phone

Unsure of how to manage all the photos you’ve taken with your phone?

You’re not alone! Running into full storage limits and questions about backing up photos has been a frequent question at our library Technology Help desks. 

Where to Save

In general, we recommend saving photos at least 2 places: online and on an external hard drive. 

Google Photos can be a great option to backup photos. Once items are loaded it shows you items that can be deleted from the device. 

If you use iCloud, it can help to login to your iCloud account on a computer at, opens a new window From there you can save or delete photos. 

Helpful Tip

Another tip is to pick the photos you want to keep, rather than picking which ones to delete. You can mark them as a favorite to save and find easily. This can help the process of cleaning out clutter! Keep the photos you picked and just load the rest to an external hard drive. Be careful to have photos saved in at least two places before you start deleting.  


If you have questions about this process come visit us at the Technology Help desk in our libraries! The Technology Specialist schedules are posted on our desks, or you can call the main library number (303-542-7279) to ask when a Tech will be in. We don’t schedule appointments, instead you are welcome to walk up and ask for help when we are at the desk!