Too Hot For the Oven: Summer 2018 Cookbooks

Turn off that oven because a hot summer is on its way. Cool down with some new cookbooks that don't require an oven. Your air conditioner will thank you.


Saladish: A Crunchier, Grainier, Herbier, Heartier Tastier Way with Vegetables will show you how to make delicious seasonal salads. Need a new way to eat veggies? Try Inspiralized and Beyond: Spirallize, Chop, Rice, and Mash your Vegetables Into Creative, Craveable Meals. Use your green thumb to Grow Something Different to Eat.


Want to do some cooking over a fire? You can with The Campout Cookbook to get you out under the stars. Fire up your grill and use the Ultimate Grilling Cookbook or check out Project Fire which will show you how to even grill brownies. Love the Food52 website? Check out Food52 Any Night Grilling. Vegan? Try Great Vegan BBQ Without A Grill. Love The Chew? Co-host and Iron Chef Michael Symon's newest cookbook Michael Symon's Playing With Fire.