Treats You Don’t Eat

Candy's great, but not every child can indulge. Food sensitivities and allergies can put a damper on trick or treating. I've rounded up some non-food treats for your little ghosties and goblins on Halloween.

  • BUBBLES! Even I get excited when I see bubbles in the treat bag.
  • Finger puppets! They can put on their own puppet shows long after Halloween is over.
  • Stickers! What child doesn't like stickers?
  • Glow sticks! They'll come in handy for walking in the dark. Bonus: throw them into your child's bath and turn out the lights for a glowing bathtime.
  • Temporary tattoos! Wash them off with rubbing alcohol when the holiday is over.
  • Crayons! Pencils! Erasers! Notebooks! Stamps! Get little fingers having fun and ready to write at the same time!
  • Fake Bugs! Also great for scaring Mom when the holiday is over.
  • Bouncy Balls! They'll be running all over the neighborhood and howling with delight.
  • Jewelry! Spider rings, skull slap bracelets and pumpkin necklaces are a guaranteed hit.
  • Rubber Ducks! They'll quack up your neighborhood.

If you have a child with food allergies, head for houses with teal pumpkins, opens a new window. They're the houses who are handing out non-food treats.

Have fun, stay safe and have a spooky Halloween!