Using Prospector

What is Prospector?

Prospector is a service that allows users to borrow items from academic, public, and special libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. Prospector provides access to 30 million books, journals, DVDs, CDs, and other materials from nearby libraries. Materials requested through Prospector using your Arapahoe Libraries card will be delivered to the Arapahoe Library location you choose, typically within 7–10 days.

Where can I find Prospector?

  • You can use the direct link to find Prospector items.
  • You can find a link to Prospector on the Can't Find It? page of the website, which is linked in the Help menu next to Log in/My Account.
  • You can also access Prospector when searching for an item in the online catalog

How do I use Prospector?

  • When searching for an item in the catalog that returns no results, you can click on Search or Search other resources to access Prospector:

  • Similarly, if there is any item in our collection that you would like to request through Prospector, you will find a link directly in the record:

  • From the Prospector page, items available will be displayed in a list. You can refine your results, click into an item record to see more information and request items:

  • Once you request an item, a new window will open asking for more information. Which institution are you affiliated? Choose the Arapahoe Libraries District on the dropdown list

  • Then enter your name, Arapahoe Libraries card number, PIN, and your preferred pickup location.

  • After submitting your request, a confirmation window appears. That's it! Your Prospector hold will appear with your other holds in your library account and will usually arrive within 7–10 days.

Still have questions?

If you have more questions about Prospector or how to use it, you can always Contact Us!