Book Donations

Donating books is a great way to clear out space in your home. As an added bonus, you can feel great knowing the sale of used books helps support library programs like Summer Reading. Best of all, your donations are tax deductible. 

Friends gladly accept:

  • Gently used books of all sorts—hardback fiction and nonfiction, paperbacks in good condition, and children’s books
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Audiobooks, vinyl, video games and other media
  • Textbooks without writing or highlighting

Friends cannot accept:

  • Readers' Digest Condensed Books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Reference books (travel books, medical books, etc.) over 3 years old
  • Any items previously owned by other libraries
  • Cassette tapes
  • VHS tapes
  • Empty cases for CDs, DVDs, etc.
  • Magazines

Bring your gently used items to Smoky Hill, Koelbel or Eloise May Libraries. Each library has a back door where staff receive donations between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Saturday.

Storage limitations make it hard to receive donation at Castlewood, Southglenn, Sheridan, Kelver and Davies Libraries, so please take your donations to the larger branches.

Donations should be boxed, not bagged. Bags may rip and damage books, or worse, hurt a volunteer.

For more information on book donations call the Friends' office at 303-792-8960.

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