Library Purchasing Guidelines for Authors

The Library routinely acquires books published by commercial publishers that fit the Library's selection criteria and priorities for selection. We also may acquire self-published books when they include unique local content, fit the scope of the Library's collection, opens a new window and meet our selection criteria. Due to staffing and time constraints, we are not able to meet with individual authors.

A positive review in one or more of the major review journals (such as Library Journal, School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist and Publisher's Weekly) is the best way to bring a title to our attention. We are more likely to consider the addition of a self-published book if it has been reviewed in a major review journal.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept review copies or notify you if your book is not selected because of the number of submissions we receive.

Donating a Book
We do not generally add donated items to the circulating collection due to the high cost of having staff evaluate, process and catalog donated materials. Patrons and authors can suggest titles to be purchased for the collection and suggestions are evaluated according to the same selection criteria as purchased material. The Friends of the Arapahoe Libraries accepts used book donations to be sold in our used book stores and sales.

Purchasing Consideration of Your Book

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