3D Printing Service

If you have a file you’d like printed, fill out the 3D Print Request Form below and we’ll add your request to our 3D print queue. You'll get an email you when your print is ready to be picked up.

Don’t worry about cost. It’s all free!

Create Your Own 3D File:

Cookie Casteropens a new window is a site where you can easily design a cookie cutter in minutes! Draw your own shape or trace an existing image to create your cookie cutter file.

Bust of Einstein, printed with a LulzBot Mini.

Tinkercadopens a new window is a great tool for beginners and experts alike. Create a free account to build a 3D design in this browser-based 3D solid modeling tool. Chrome and Firefox browsers work best. 

Onshapeopens a new window is a powerful tool appropriate for prototyping engineering designs. Create a free account to access this full-featured browser-based CAD software system.

Schedule an appointment or visit a technology specialist in your library if you’d like help getting started. 

3D Print Request Form: