12 Books to Bring to Jury Duty

So you've been called for jury duty. You know you're destined for plenty of waiting around. Why not pass the time with one of these courtroom drama or legals thrillers, or check out a nonfiction story that explores true crime or the justice system—many of which are available as eBooks or downloadable audiobooks.

In this thought-provoking nonfiction book, former litigator Michelle Alexander goes beyond the statistics for America's prison system to examine if justice is truly colorblind.

The New Jim Crow

Prolific author Jodi Picoult offers up a clash of cultures and systems for justice in this novel that pairs a savvy defense lawyer with an Amish woman accused of murder.

Plain Truth

A true-crime story of a serial killer at the World's Fair that is sure to keep you turning pages.

The Devil in the White City

Truman Capote took an unflinching look at a brutal small town crime and wrote this timeless classic that reflects on the nature of American violence.

In Cold Blood

Grisham is a master of the legal thriller and this was his first bestseller and one of his finest. 

The Firm

This nonfiction work about a murder in Savannah, Georgia, remains the longest-standing New York Times best-seller having held the top spot for 216 weeks.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

When a criminal attorney's new client looks just like her and claims to be her twin, you know you'll have more to solve than just a murder.

Mistaken Identity

Imbued with humor and compassion, this classic novel about a black man charged with the rape of a white women won the Pulitzer Prize and the hearts of America. If you've never read it, it's not too late!

To Kill A Mockingbird

One of Kafka's best-known works. This audiobook clocks in at 9 hours—a good pick if you know you're going to be serving on a very long trial.

The Trial

An Oprah's Book Club pick about the trial of a seasoned midwife who may have made a very costly mistake.


With annotated dissertations and photos throughout, this book gives you an intimate glimpse of this tenacious feminist pioneer and Supreme Court Justice.

Notorious RBG

Turow is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, which makes him all the more convincing weaving this tale of a prosecutor who suddenly finds himself the accused.

Presumed Innocent