3 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Recent research from Harvard Health Publications, opens a new window suggests that brain training games do not help your overall memory, they tend to only increase your ability to be amazing at brain training games. So now what?!

They suggest that exercising creative thinking, problem solving and intellectual focus are the best ways to keep your brain sharp. To put it more simply, learn something new or think about things in a new way!

Here are some ideas and materials to get you started:

Creative Thinking:

  • Thinking outside the box in everyday situations
  • Daydreaming!
  • Solve riddles
  • Coloring (Yes, you read that right! Choosing colors and deciding where to place colors is an example of creative thinking. Who knew?!)

Problem Solving:

  • Games that make you THINK
    • Crosswords
    • Chess
    • Scrabble
    • Sudoku

Pro Tip: These games are often available as free apps on smart devices so you can play them on the go! Check out the app store on your device for more info.

Intellectual Focus:

Challenge your brain to learn something new using library materials!