A Fun Dose of Reality in Picture Books

It's easy to find non-fiction picture books in our non-fiction book stacks, but did you know that you can introduce your child to real-life stories from our picture book collection?

Young children love learning about the world - people, places, animals, things, and adventures.  Picture books give you another way to open the world to them in an engaging and appealing way. Non-fiction publishing is thriving so there many wonderful books to share. These are some of the newest non-fiction books we've added to our picture book collection. Enjoy the opportunity to explore with your child!

There are so many wonderful opportunities to feed your child's curiosity in our Nature and Science category.  You'll find stories of how animals, plants, and our environment are connected. Also look for colorful stories about seasons, the world around us, invention, and the beginning of scientific inquiry.

Best in Snow
This picture book celebrates snowfall and the amazing science behind it.

A wordless picture book that invites young readers to use their imaginations to explore the beauty and wonder of nature.

Because of An Acorn
An acorn is just the beginning of a circle of life.

The Marvelous Thing That Came From A Spring
Have you ever wondered how the Slinky was invented?

My House Is Alive!
Simple questions lead to answers that explain all the knocks, thumps, and creaks that a house makes.

The types of books you'll find in our Animals category can be about a day-in-the-life of animals around the world, comparisons of different animals, or stories about real-life animals with a unique story.

Coyote Moon
Watch these coyotes as they hunt in suburban neighborhoods during the night.

One Day on Our Blue Planet
Spend the day with this curious penguin chick in Antarctica.

Follow the Moon Home
A book about loggerhead sea turtles, and one girl's attempts to save their babies.

Dog on Board
Have you ever met a dog who can ride the bus all by herself? Eclipse can!

Sniffer & Tinni
A fox and a German Shepherd living in a small Norwegian town become best friends.

Our Activities category has many how-to opportunities, from sports, to cooking, to reading. This year there have even been some unique books about how books are made.

Good Morning Yoga
Gentle exercises are woven into a heartwarming narrative.

How This Book Was Made
The journey of a book's creation, from writing and illustrating to the moment it lands in your hands.

More to Explore is filled with stories about people who are little known - but their stories are well worth knowing.

The Stone Thrower
African American Chuck Easley faced many prejudices as he dreamed of becoming a quarterback.

Fearless Flyer
Ruth Law was a flight pioneer who broke the cross-country distance record a century ago on November 19, 1916.

The Secret Subway
Alfred Beach invented New York's first underground train.

Crossing Niagara
The thrilling story of the daredevil, the Great Blondin, crossing Niagara Falls on a tightrope.

Miss Mary Reporting
Feisty Mary Garber was determined to be one of the first female sports journalists in American history!

Learn about how families support each other and what different families look like in our Families category.

Brave Like Me
This photo-filled book tells the story of a boy and girl who have parents away on active duty.

One of our most popular categories, Things That Go!, has fun and informative books about all kinds of vehicles and their moveable parts.

The Airport Book
Take a journey through the inner and outer workings of an airport.

Clean Sweep!
Read the story of Frank Zamboni's mission to find a better way to smooth his ice rink.