Anything is Possible with Pasta

National Pasta Day is October 17 and World Pasta Day is October 24!

With over 600 known pasta shapes, there are many ways that pasta can be enjoyed. Try it with your favorite sauce, as a main course or a side dish.

Did You Know…?

Stump your friends at the next trivia night with these interesting pasta facts:

  • Credit for bringing pasta to the United States is given to Thomas Jefferson when he was the American ambassador to France.
  • Meatballs were invented in the U.S., not Italy.
  • Americans eat about 15 pounds of pasta a year. Italians eat more than 50 pounds!
  • On April Fools' Day in 1957, the BBC convinced the British that spaghetti grew on trees.

From, opens a new window

  • The Chinese were the first to be recorded as making and eating pasta, back in 5,000 B.C.E.
  • Al dente means "to the tooth," meaning that biting into it will be met with resistance by the teeth.
  • Green pasta is made by adding spinach. Tomatoes are added to make red pasta. And grey pasta? That's made by adding squid ink!

Pasta Names

Have you ever wondered what pasta names mean in Italian?, opens a new window has a few definitions:

  • Spaghetti - length of cord
  • Penne - quills or feathers                            
  • Linguini - little tongues
  • Rotini - spirals or twists
  • Fusilli - twisted spaghetti            
  • Rigatoni - large grooved
  • Cavatappi - corkscrew
  • Farfalle (bowtie) - butterflies 
  • Rotelle - little wheels

How will you be celebrating this momentous occasion?