Back to School for 50+ Adults

It’s never too late to learn something new! Here are some resources in the community and online to help you on your path of lifelong learning.

Library Resources

Come to the nearest Arapahoe Library, opens a new window! Attend a computer class to learn about Google, Excel or other platforms. Use the makerspace and learn how to make all kinds of crafts. Learn a new language with Rosetta Stone Library Solution through the library's collection of online resources. To learn more about the library's resources or how to find information on a specific topic such as genealogy or technology, take advantage of our Ask a Librarian one-on-one appointments. Arapahoe Libraries shares your excitement about lifelong learning and we are here to help.

Community Organizations

Go back to school! If you are 60 or older, the University of Colorado Denver offers up to two free courses per semester through the Lifelong Learners Program. You can take free classes for no credit through the Metro Meritus program at Metropolitan State University.

Senior Planet is a nonprofit organization that offers classes through its Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) program. These free courses are centered around various aspects and applications of technology. Classes are taught with an eye toward building community and helping peers understand new concepts. You can attend classes virtually or at their location in Lowry.

There are a few other programs that offer classes but do have a cost. The University of Denver Enrichment Program provides short courses on a wide range of topics; each course is led by a subject matter expert and takes place either on campus or virtually. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is a national program which has a chapter at the University of Denver. For $140 a term, access unlimited classes taught by professors, scholars or community leaders in-person or virtually. OLLI strives to aid people of all ages in learning and connecting with other community members.

Online Learning

Not able to get to brick and mortar classes? Try an online option. TED Talks (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design) are easily accessible from their website. Learn or get inspiration from short talks about anything from organic chemistry to art. You can browse the website's curated playlists or search videos by keyword or topic. Coursera is an education platform that offers courses on various topics. Each course includes videos, reading, quizzes and other methods for learning; take a class for free or pay a fee and earn a certificate upon completing the course.

There are so many programs in the community that can help you continue to learn. The library is also here for you! The following list has resources you can find at the library or on our website.

Lifelong Learning

Curious about a new topic? Wondering how to learn more efficiently? The library can help!

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