Beyond 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a hit series but there are concerns regarding this story. So your librarians are here to help!

Arapahoe Libraries has resources for all teens, parents and any individuals looking for more information on suicide. Also, if you're just curious about what is out there to read, we can help with that too!

Remember: your librarians are here to help you, even if you're not sure how to ask.

If you would like other young adult books to read that deal with suicide and depression but whose characters receive help and learn to cope, you might like some of the titles on this list of 

Arapahoe Libraries has tons of information about suicide as well as help you can find, and give, to those curious about it, plus information about other tough topics going on in a teen's life. Below is a list of different Tough Topics and where to find them in the nonfiction sections at all of Arapahoe Libraries locations.

Tough Topics Where to find it (call numbers)
Abuse/Incest 362.7044, 362.76
Abusive Relationships 362.8
Acne/Skincare 646.7046
Alcohol 362.292
Body Changes 612.6, 613.95
Death 155.9
Depression 616.8527
Divorce 306.89
Drug 362.29
Eating Disorders 616.8526
Health/Hygiene 616.04243
LGBTQ 306.76
Mental Illness 616.89
Pregnancy 306.8743, 618.2
Rape 362.88
Relationships 305.235, 306.73, 646.77
Sex 613.907, 613.951
STDs 616.951
Suicide 362.8


Find local and national resources on the following topics:

Mental Health

LGBTQ+ Resources & Services

Teens & Youth