Books Featuring Arranged Marriages

Single, frustrated and ready to throw your romantic life into the hands of a professional matchmaker? Been binging all the dating shows lately? Sometimes arranged marriages work, sometimes they don't. 


Two women opened a marriage bureau in WWII London to help women and, often, soldiers find their match in The Marriage Bureau.

An American girl dreams of a big splashy love story, but she's a child of traditional Iraqi parents; this memoir's strength lies in the author's immaturity and honesty in First Comes Marriage.

An 18th-century gentleman raises two orphan girls according to his exacting standards for an ideal wife in How to Create the Perfect Wife.

An author follows three couples in modern Mumbai for nearly a decade as each marriage faces joy and frustration in The Heart Is a Shifting Sea

A Muslim woman shares her often hilarious account of how she met her husband in That Can Be Arranged.


A woman with a disastrous dating history stumbles across a secretive arranged marriage agency and takes a leap of faith in Arranged.

Oops, what happens when you were promised to your husband at four and he forgot and remarried? That's the beginning of A Bollywood Affair.

Danyal wants to impress a potential arranged marriage match, and doesn't expect that he'd fall for his tutor instead in More Than Just A Pretty Face.

"Tobacco brides" from England come to Virginia with barrels of tobacco seeking a better life in A Bride Most Begrudging

A Ghanian woman agrees to an arranged marriage, but there are some things she can't compromise on in His Only Wife.

A woman ignores hoax emails from a prince in Africa claiming they are betrothed in A Princess in Theory.

A doctor is accidentally shot by by his mail order bride but sparks still fly between them in Tempest.

A high princes of Hell is on Earth to avoid her creepy brother who wants to marry her to conquer Hell in Hell On Wheels.

Sometime in the future, a family decides to marry off their daughter to a starship engineer in exchange for her to have an education and a better life in The Light Years.

Do parents always know what's best for their children? Layla and Sam aren't so sure in The Marriage Game.

Married by proxy as children, a duke wants an annulment from his never-met wife who refuses to give him up in When the Duke Returns.

When a king demands a enemy's daughter after defeating him, a cruel father disguises his less-than-favorite daughter so she will marry The Winter King.

A woman's arranged marriage in Renaissance Italy allows her the freedom to pursue a young painter with unintended consequences in The Birth of Venus.

When family dinner is another ploy to meet an eligible bachelor, Liya flees, only to realize later that the latest bachelor is her company's new lawyer in The Trouble With Hating You.

A rich man offers a woman $10 million dollars to marry him but neither can keep their hands off of each other in Wife by Wednesday.

In a future society where officials decide everything including your future spouse, a system glitch shows a teenager a glimpse of a guy that isn't her intended in Matched

The future wife of Louis XIV's brother must hide her magical abilities in 1661 France in In the Shadow of the Sun.

In nineteenth-century China, two young girls write to each other in a secret language as they grow up, marry into arranged marriages and have children in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

What do you get when you mix a thrill-seeking prince and a "blue-blooded" and proper princess? Sparks in The Wild Heir.

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