Books Ruined by Technology: Modern Books Part I

Ever wonder how some novels might be ruined by technology? We did! Dear reader, read with caution as there are spoilers ahead.

Look, just install a state-of-the-art security system for your fancy hotel, The Overlook, in The Shining and then you won't need to hire a winter caretaker who eventually goes mad in the mountains. (Sorry, Stephen King.)

If he wasn't travelling the world to take gorgeous photos in The Bridges of Madison County, perhaps our hero the NatGeo photographer wouldn't have an affair with a married woman; he'd just use some stock photos instead.

In the WWI novel Letters From Skye, our heroine cannot leave the Isle of Skye because of her fear of water (aquaphobia) but if we plopped that novel eighty years into the future, she could drive over the Skye Bridge to the mainland to meet her American pen pal (and love interest!). Also maybe email not letters?

Instead of eleven-year-old Harriet the Spy spying on her neighbors, like literally spying on them, she'd just follow whoever she wants on social media.

Where's Waldo? He can be tricky to find in the popular children's books but you could just Google which page he's on. Shrug.