Craft Your Own Superhero

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a comic book character!

Who would you be if you were a superhero? What would your superpower be? Who would be your archnemesis? Would you have a sidekick?

You and your child can answer these questions together. Give them time to draw their answers, and when they're done, you can write down what they said about their hero.

  1. All superheroes need a name. What will you name yours?
  2. Power up with super powers!
  3. Secret identities are a must for superheroes. What name does your superhero go by when they're not saving the world? Do they have a job? Friends?
  4. Design a logo and pick out your hero's colors.
  5. Choose your superhero's uniform. Will you wear a mask? A cape, opens a new window?
  6. Decide if your hero will have a sidekick. What will their name be?
  7. Which villain will challenge your hero?
  8. What is your hero's weakness?
  9. How did your superhero get their powers? What is their back story?

Once they have fleshed out their superhero, suggest they tell a story involving the hero. If you need some inspiration, try this set of comic book panel templates, opens a new window from Picklebums.

If you're still feeling creative after helping your child, think up a superhero of your own. Would your superheroes fight foes together? Only you and your child know the answer!