Early Literacy Tips: Building a Home Library

Creating a print rich environment in your home is one of many ways to get your young children ready to start reading. Research shows that children who live in an environment where print materials are easily accessible and celebrated are more motivated to learn to read. One way to make your home a print rich environment is to build a home library with books that you and your children love to read together.

Books can be expensive but building your home library does not have to be.

Here are a few ways you can add books to your collection at little to no cost:

Building your home library is just one way to make your home literacy rich!

Discover more ways to make your home a literacy rich environment: 

  • Interact joyfully with children and books everyday.
  • Include at least one rhyme book and at least one alphabet book.
  • Have a variety of picture books.
  • Provide access to crayons, pencils, markers and paper for writing and drawing.
  • Write grocery lists and notes so that children can watch and talk about writing.
  • Provide opportunities for music, rhymes, poems, singing and storytelling.
  • Talk with children about pictures, signs and words in their environment.