Explore the Library

There are so many great things you can do with your library card it’s hard to keep track! Here are a few you might not have heard of before. And they are all free services.

Technology That Checks Out

Robots, hotspots and 360 degree cameras are just some of the technology you can check out from the library. Whether you are weighing the pros and cons of buying a Google Home or Amazon Echo Dot, or you just want to play with new technology and see how it works, you can do it for free through the library.

Ask a Librarian

Have you ever hit a brick wall in your genealogy research? Do you have questions about 3D printing or how to download eBooks? Ask a librarian! We can devote one-on-one time to researching your question.

Create Your Own Reading List 

Even at home you can put your library card to work. Sign in to your library account and create a reading list on your “For Later" shelf. That way you’ll never find yourself without the perfect book or movie.

Get Personalized Suggestions

Maybe you can’t find anything to read or watch. Fill out this form to get a personalized suggestion from a librarian. We can help you find something right up your alley.

Attend a Virtual Event

Did you know you can learn a new craft, computer skill or attend a book club discussion? The library offers all these events and more.  

Take an Online Course

Learn a new language, study for the GRE or GED or get creative. The library provides access to online courses you can take in almost any discipline.

Play a Game on BrainHQ 

Neuroscientists built the exercises on BrainHQ, a website designed to give your brain a workout. Improve your memory and attention, along with other skills, by playing fun games.

Check out the Virtual Library

We're more than just eBooks. With your library card you can access Kanopy and hoopla, two platforms that offer free streaming and downloadable movies and music. Find an old favorite or discover something new!

Go on an Adventure 

Explore Colorado with a free pass to explore the Butterfly Pavilion or other museums in the metro area, or visit a state park. Your ticket to the city is waiting.