Forgotten Children’s Books: A New Series

Do you remember the books you read as a child? What about those forgotten gems that bring a smile to your face or the ones you want to share with your children and grandchildren? From Pippi Longstocking to My Side of the Mountain and The Cay to Catwings, plus picture books like The Story of BabarDoctor De Soto and The Little House, take a trip down reading memory lane.

TBT to Forgotten Children Books Part I

List created by ArapahoeKati

First published in 1945. Remember the girl with long red pigtails and super strength?

First published in 1953. Remember a little witch named Minx who doesn't like being a witch?

First published in 1947. Remember the ponies being chased across the channel and the brother and sister who want to capture the elusive mare Phantom?

First published in 1959. Remember Sam who runs away from home to live in a tree?

First published in 1942. Remember the little house that watches the world change around her as she remains the same?

First published in 1950. Remember Amos who was captured by slave traders and dreamed of freedom for 45 years?

First published in 1902. Remember the sand fairy the children find and the disastrous wishes "It" grants?

First published in 1951. Remember the five young girls growing up in the Lower East Side?

First published in 1881. Remember the five young children, their widowed mother and their life growing up in poverty?

First published in 1976. Remember finding a tree full of escaped circus monkeys in the Ozark river bottom?

First published in 1863. Remember the orphan boy who falls into a stream and becomes a water baby?

First published in 1964. Remember the Lord and Lady of the castle who want siblings Klara and Klaus for their own?

First published in 1944. Remember a young girl who is ridiculed for wearing the same dress to school every day?

First published in 1957. Remember the two cousins who find a boulder with a mysterious message and a deserted ghost town where two inhabitants remain?

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TBT to Forgotten Children Books Part II

List created by ArapahoeKati

First published in 1964.

First published in 1960. Remember Karana, a young girl left alone on an island near California forced to survive? (Also based loosely on a true story.)

First published in 1969. Remember when Philip's boat is torpedoed during WWII and he finds himself on a small raft with a cat and a West Indian named Timothy?

First published in 1975. Remember when young Winnie meets the Tuck family blessed with everlasting life after drinking from a magic spring?

First published in 1937. Remember Attila the Hun sweeping across Europe?

First published in 1908. Remember the missing Arden family treasure that a young boy must find, with the help of a magical talking creature named Mouldiwarp, before he turns ten?

First published in 1932. Remember Danny's attempt to find the perfect birthday present for his mother?

First published in 1985. Remember how Sarah answers Papa's advertisement for a wife and comes to the prairie to meet him and his children?

First published in 1982. Remember the mouse dentist who won't treat dangerous animals, especially the fox, who might eat him when he checks their teeth?

First published in 1952. Remember the tiny family who "borrow" from the human family, and Arrietty who wants a friend, a human friend?

First published in 1967. Remember the Littles, similar to the Borrowers, who have tiny tails and resemble mice, which isn't good when a cat comes to live in the big house?

First published in 1928. Remember a father who works at a city trumpeter and must hide a rare crystal in safekeeping for the king?

First published in 1946. Remember the little homemade doll made of a twig and a hickory nut who is left behind after her owner goes to Boston?

First published in 1916. Remember Betsy who must live with her country cousins and learns the meaning of independence and friendship?

TBT to Forgotten Children Books Part III

First published in 1935. Remember young red-haired Caddie who grew up in the woods of Wisconsin and gets into all kinds of scrapes with her brother?

First published in 1948. Remember when the big snow is on its way and all the forest animals must prepare for winter?

First published in 1988. Remember those cute little kittens born with wings who escape to the country?

First published in 1992. Remember when a plane crashes in a teenager's backyard?

First published in 1956. Remember Marly and her family living on Maple Hill and her delight in the natural world around her, including blossoming flowers and the first sap run?

First published in 1967. Remember the group of friends linked by their love of ancient Egypt?

First published in 1872. Remember Katy, who wants to be a good little girl but she's forever into trouble, until an accident changes everything?

First published in 1948. Remember the twelve children of the Gilbreth clan? (And it's a memoir!)

First published in 1978. Remember when sixteen people gather for a reading of a will to solve Sam Westing's death for an inheritance, full of twisty turns and unique characters?

First published in 1980. Remember the little toy Indian that comes to life?

First published in 1959. Remember an immigrant handyman and his friendship with a young boy?

First published in 1955. Remember the Duchess who decides to bake a cake, except she adds far too much yeast to bake a cake that's far too tall?

TBT to Forgotten Children Books Part IV

First published in 1954. Remember the four kids who find a magic coin that only grants wishes in half?

First published in 1931. Remember young elephant Babar who comes to the city and eventually becomes King of the Elephants?

First published in 1961. Remember when a tollbooth appears in Milo's room and his adventures to places like the Island of Conclusions begins?

First published in 1968. Remember little bear Corduroy who searches for his missing button after the department store closes for the night?

First published in 1872. Remember Princess Irene who climbs a winding staircase only to find another stairway?

First published in 1986. Remember Brian, whose plane crashes into the Canadian wilderness and he's forced to survive alone with only his hatchet?

First published in 1973. Remember orphan Lewis who discovers that his uncle and neighbor are witches and they're plagued by a mysterious ticking sound?

First published in 1968. Remember darling Little Bear illustrated by Maurice Sendak?

First published in 1984. Remember the little mouse who wants to stop the bear from eating those delicious strawberries?

First published in 1967. Remember the little mouse Fredric who prepares for winter differently than the other mice?

First published in 1990. Remember when the Bailey School kids have a new teacher from the Transylvanian Alps and there is something that isn't just quite right about her?

More to come, dear readers!

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