Get Outside This Winter!

Even though the temps are cold and indoor activities might seem more appealing to some, there's plenty to keep you enjoying the great outdoors through the winter!

Here are great ideas for how to get outside and explore our beautiful state of Colorado or your backyard:

Around the Front Range

Close to Home

  • Go on a winter walk or hike. 
  • Gather snow from outside and make your very own snow ice cream, opens a new window
  • Bring your toys outside and make a snow construction site or a house for your action figures/dolls. 
  • Make snow monsters instead of snowmen! 
  • Paint the snow: fill squirt bottles with water and two or three drops of liquid gel food coloring (the concentrated dye makes for extra-vibrant colors), then shake them up. Adjust the nozzle flow to spray narrower for lines or wider for a mist. 
  • Create a winter scavenger hunt: hide objects in the snow and take turns finding them.
  • Play Tic-Tac-Snow: use criss-crossed sticks and pinecones as game pieces.
  • Feed the birds by making a bird feeder, opens a new window out of a toilet paper tube and peanut butter. 
  • Take a nature walk and see what you can find, opens a new window peeking out of the snow—animal tracks, flowers, sticks, rocks, etc. 

Outside Books

Check out this list of books for outside inspiration. 

Books to Inspire You to Get Outside This Winter!

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Go outside, feel the sun on your face, play in the snow, and have some fun!