Gifts from the Library

It's the time of year when we show those we care about how much we appreciate them with gifts. In the spirit of the movement to give experiences rather than things, you can find lots of great gifts at the library. Here are a few to consider:

Gifts for a significant other

Plan a romantic night at home without spending a lot of money. How you say? Let the library help!

Gifts for kids

The best gift you can give any child is the gift of your time.

  • For younger kids you can create a fun storytime at home with a Storytime to Go Kit. Each kit includes books plus a learning toy or music CD to help you recreate all the joy of storytime without leaving the house.
  • Feeling cooped up? A trip to one of our Family Place Libraries is always a treat. You'll find lots of just-right books for your child, and these libraries also have dedicated play areas that will keep your little one captivated for hours (or minutes at least!).
  • Older kids will enjoy spending time with you as they learn to use a Sphero robot and can even learn to write their own Sphero code.
  • If all else fails, you can always stick to the basics and just read them a book. Try Books to Spark Conversations with Kids or Books to Read out Loud to Your Kids.

Gifts for teens

Teens are a tricky bunch to buy for, so why not give them a great library experience instead!

Gifts for family

Have a family member who's impossible to buy for? Don't spend money on something they don't want, instead give them a gift that lets them know how much you value them. 

  • Digitize old media like vinyl records, printed photos or old family movies with equipment in your local library. You'll be giving the gift of bringing them into the 21st century!
  • Meet up with a family member for a cup of coffee in one of our cafés, then take a stroll through an onsite gallery to view local art.

Gifts for anyone

Need a gift for a neighbor, teacher or other VIP in your life? Let the library help. 

Gifts for someone with a memory issue

The library even has resources for when you visit someone with dementia.

  • Check out a Care Giver Kit for activities you and your loved one can enjoy together.
  • Bring along a companion pet that feels and sounds like a real pet and will respond when petted.

Gifts for yourself!

Don't forget to put yourself on your gift-giving list. The library offers plenty of ways for you to treat yourself!

Books as Gifts Suggestions

If you're going to buy someone a gift, may we suggest a book!

Staff Picks - Gift Books

Great Books to Gift to Kids (or Anyone!)

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