Going, Going, Flush

Oh toilet training. If you weren't already convinced that all children are different, learning to use the potty will certainly prove the theory.

How do you know when it's the right time? Should you go right from diapers to underwear, or should you use pull-ups? Sticker chart? M&Ms? There are so many choices and it's hard to know what will work with your child. Let's find out what experts have to say about this!

The American Academy of Pediatrics' website, HealthyChildren.org, opens a new window, has an extensive library of articles ranging from creating a potty training plan to how to use a public restroom with a child.

Wondering if your child is ready? Answer these basic questions from the Mayo Clinic, opens a new window to help you decide. Be sure to click over to the second page for advice on accidents and nighttime training.

Zero to Three, opens a new window has a guide to beginning the process, including what to avoid (power struggles, anyone?), whether or not to use a reward system and what to do if a preschooler still has no interest.

No matter how you try, though, sometimes things don't "go" according to plan. Britain's National Health Service, opens a new window wrote about common problems and what to do about them.

Get the scoop on why some kids just won't poop on the potty. The Pediatric Insider also has a party plan for tackling this hold up.

Take a glance through these potty training tips from other parents on Parents.com, opens a new window. Do any strike your fancy? Try them out!

Lastly, check out my list of children's and parenting books on this very subject: I See Me: Potty Training, opens a new window.

And if you've tried and you still have concerns, contact your child's doctor. They are the perfect partners for your child's health issues.