Help Your Child with Homework

Use these tips to create a homework routine for your child:

#1. Make a homework routine and stick to it!

Choose a space and time that your child will dedicate to homework everyday. This space should have all the materials such as paper, pencils, scissors and glue in reach! Even if your child does not have homework, dedicate this time to silent or shared reading.

#2. Avoid distractions.

Breaks are important and necessary! But they should only be 3-4 minutes long and not include screentime. Turn off the TV when doing homework.

#3. Help your child understand the directions, but don't do the work for them.

Read the directions to the assignment with your child, and help them make a plan so their workload is manageable. You can make suggestions, but let your child do the learning!

#4. Motivate throughout and check in when the assignment is done.

Be encouraging and be available to help with your child's questions or concerns. Go over together what your child accomplished and give praise for hard work. Help them stay organized by reminding them to place their work in a special homework folder and crossing off the assignment in their assignment notebook.

#5: Recommended homework time: 10 minutes per grade.

Check in with your child's teacher to see what their homework policy is. Some teachers do not assign homework worksheets and only require at-home reading. This doesn't mean there is no homework, just that you won't see worksheets come through! Discuss with your teacher how you can use strategies in the classroom at home.