Heritage Month for Ages 0 to 5

Let's hear from Mary, an early literacy librarian.

May is Heritage Month! As young children grow, they will become more and more curious about family traditions and culture. They may want to learn more about grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and other farther-flung family.

Try some of these activities to start the conversation. Each one will help build your child’s early literacy skills through talking, writing, reading and playing.

Heritage Activities

  • For younger children, why not start with a photo album? Include pictures of family members. Look at the pictures and talk about who each person is, where they live, and other details about them: “Uncle Bob plays the piano. He works in a bakery and makes cakes.”
  • For preschoolers and up, make a family tree! The National Archives has several printable designs, opens a new window you can use.
  • If your family lives in other parts of the country or the world, put a United States or world map on the wall and have your child help you mark where family members live. You can even add photographs.
  • How about a treasure trunk? Gather items from your childhood and put them in a box. Have your child select one to see and handle (if safe). Talk about how you used it and where it came from.

Reading Suggestions

Looking for a good book? Enjoy these picture books. They're all about children sharing and learning about their family histories.

What's YOUR family history?

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Enjoy these picture books about children learning about their families.

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