EZ Software for ION Cassette and ION Vinyl Converter

To use the ION Tape Express or the ION Vinyl Converters you will need the EZ Vinyl/Tape converter software, which can be downloaded for free, opens a new window to a Windows or Mac computer.

 1.  Click on the download button that represents the computer you’re using. For this tutorial, I chose “Download for Windows."  

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 4.31.31 PM2.  The file will download in the left corner of your browser. Once it's downloaded, click the file to open it. 

  • If you see this pop-up, click on “EZVinylTapeConverterSetup.” 

Image showing EZVinylTapeConverterSetup file downloaded.  

3.  Click "Run," then choose "Yes."

Image of "Run" pop up box.

4.  Choose your setup language and click "OK."

Image of language selection menu.

5.  The Setup window will appear. Click "Next."

Image of "Install" menu.

6.  Read the license agreement. Click "I accept the agreement" button and then click "Next."

7.  The setup will suggest a location for your file to be saved. You can choose another location, or continue with the pre-selected location and click "Next."

8.  If you'd like a desktop icon created, check the "Create a desktop icon" box. Then click "Next."

Image of "Create desktop icon" menu.
9.  The program is ready to install. Click "Install."

Image of "Install" menu.
10.  Click "Finish" to exit setup.

Image of "Finish" menu.
11.  EZ software will open. Click "Next."

  • If you chose the option for the icon, the EZ icon will be on your computer's desktop.

Image of "Step 1" after clicking on EZ desktop icon. Image of EZ software desktop icon.
You're now ready to start converting your cassette tapes! See our blog post on converting cassette tapes