King Tut Day

On November 4, 1922, the entrance to King Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, but fascination with Egypt and Egyptomania began during Napoleon's invasion of Egypt and Syria (1798-1801). The craze for all things Egyptian, which included influences in fashion and home decor, also saw the construction of the beautiful Egyptian Avenue inside Highgate Cemetery in London, where the wealthy buried their families in ornate Egyptian-esque mausoleums. 

Famously in 1843, a crowd gathered to watch a mummy unwrapping; thankfully for all of us, it soon became more important to preserve ancient cultures rather than make a spectacle of or destroy them. Egyptomania decreased in popularity as the 1900s approached because many of the great tombs of pharaohs and others had been discovered and/or plundered.

However, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon stumbled across the then-unaccounted-for King Tutankhamen. Over several years, the tomb was excavated, although Lord Carnarvon's death in 1923 was famously attributed to a death curse from opening the tomb. Egyptomania experienced a brief resurgence in popularity in the 1920s (Downton Abbey fans, did you notice that Lord Grantham's dogs were named Isis and Pharaoh?). Artifacts recovered from King Tutankhamen's tomb have toured the world, keeping our fascination with Ancient Egypt alive. 

Are your kids fascinated by Ancient Egypt? There's a lot of Egyptian fiction and nonfiction (perfect for that future archaeologist in your house) sure to turn them into armchair explorers.

Egyptian Fiction for Kids! List created by ArapahoeKati

Gabe gets lost in a pyramid but he's not alone. There's something scratching in the dark alongside him. What would you do?

Looking for a few goosebumps while you read? R.L. Stine's tale about a curse that brings mummies to life might be your next favorite book (and it's a sequel to "The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb"!).

Love the Code Busters? Follow them as they discover someone might be stealing ancient artifacts.

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Egyptian Nonfiction for Kids! List created by ArapahoeKati

National Geographic doesn't disappoint in this book that covers literally everything Ancient Egypt.

Do you like a bit of humor and a bit of grossness in your books? Read about all the things the Ancient Egyptians did to preserve their loved ones in death.

America's favorite Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings makes Ancient Egypt fun and accessible.

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Who hasn't been intrigued by the marvel of Ancient Egyptian engineering or the lure of finding long-lost history and treasure beneath shifting sand? We've got you covered with both books and DVDs all about the allure and history of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt for Adults List created by ArapahoeKati

Three thousand years of history packed into 229 pages. The author has collected Egyptian memorabilia for the last four decades, so I think he knows what he's talking about.

Sadly because the allure of treasure is insatiable, Egypt has dealt with plundering and theft, and most recently, tumultuous political upheavals that have driven tourists away, but some dedicated individuals want to change that.

Save your pennies so you can travel to Egypt yourself. #bucketlist

Would you rather watch than read? Check out this six-disc set on all things Ancient Egypt.

Just how exactly did King Tut's mummy get to where he is today after being undisturbed for three thousand years?

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