Parenting Strategies: Healthy Eating for Little Ones

Did you know:

  • Many 2-year-olds experience "neophobia", or the fear of something new, especially about food?
  • One sugared drink could contain as much sugar as 10 and 1/2 cookies?
  • You can see average serving sizes and food group suggestions at, opens a new window

If not, then you must have missed our Parenting Strategies program in May! But don't worry, you can watch a recording of Healthy Eating For Little Ones, opens a new window presented by Sue Howk, registered dietician with Tri-County Health on our YouTube page, opens a new window.

Get information and practical ideas to help you navigate the wonderful world of food and eating with young children, including how to deal with picky eaters, how often to offer snacks and how much food is enough.

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Mealtime and Feeding Resources:

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Book Lists

I See Me: Picky Eaters

Choose these books to help picky eaters try new foods and get the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. Also included are books for parents with tips and recipes.

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Parenting Strategies: Healthy Eating for Little Ones

Nutritionist Sue Howk spoke about how to get children to eat healthy foods and develop life-long healthy eating habits. She recommends reading these classic picture books.

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Cooking Up Something Good

This flavorful blend of picture books and cooking books (both for and with your child) will help you add delicious STEAM concepts to your child's everyday learning. Stir up some flavor!

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