Parenting Strategies: Healthy Sleep Habits

Thank you to Nicole Double, a certified pediatric sleep consultant with Little Loves Consulting, opens a new window, for sharing her time with us at our March 2022 Parenting Strategies program!

Here's just a portion of the information Nicole shared with us: 

  • Wake windows, or the amount of time your child is awake between periods of sleep, are different depending on your child's age.
  • White noise machines are great, but avoid night light projectors. They can keep your child awake.
  • Bedtime routines can take 20-40 minutes or more depending on the child. Allow more time for especially active children.

If you'd like more information on safe sleeping for babies, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics page on, opens a new window about sleep. Join us for our next Parenting Strategies virtual chat and register here, opens a new window.

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